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  • Bödör, Csaba; Grossmann, V; Popov, N; Okosun, J; O'Riain, C; King, Tan; Jacek, Marzec; Shamzah, Araf; Jun, Wang; Abigail, Lee; Andrew, Clear; Silvia, Montoto; Janet, Matthews; Sameena, Iqbal; Rajnai, Hajnalka; Andreas, Rosenwald; German, Ott; Elias, Campo; Lisa, Rimsza; Erlend, Smeland; Wing, Chan; Rita, Braziel; Louis, Staudt; George, Wright; Andrew, Lister; Olivier, Elemento; Robert, Hills; John, Gribben; Claude, Chelala; Matolcsy, András; Alexander, Kohlmann; Torsten, Haferlach; Randy, Gascoyne; Jude, Fitzgibbon (2013)
    Gain of function mutations in the H3K27 methyltransferase EZH2 represent a promising therapeutic target in germinal center lymphomas. In this study, we assessed the frequency and distribution of EZH2 mutations in a large ...

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