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  • Polgár, Patrícia; Fogd, Dóra; Unoka, Zsolt; Siraly E; Csukly, Gábor (2014)
    The authors examined social decision-making strategies in borderline personality disorder (BPD) using the Ultimatum Game (UG). They sought to extend previous findings by investigating altruistic punishment, a behavior ...
  • Réthelyi, János; Czobor, Pál; Polgár, Patrícia; Mersich, Beatrix; Bálint, Sára; Jekkel, Éva; Magyar K; Udvardy-Mészáros, Ágnes; Fábián, Ágnes; Bitter, István (2012)
    Earlier studies suggested more severe overall cognitive impairments in deficit versus non-deficit schizophrenia; however, the specific contribution of different cognitive domains to this overall cognitive impairment remains ...
  • Csukly, Gábor; Polgár, Patrícia; Tombor, László; Benkovits, Judit; Réthelyi, János (2014)
    The deficit syndrome, a subgroup within schizophrenia, is characterized by enduring, idiopathic negative symptoms. Theory of mind (ToM), a domain of social cognition, is the ability of attributing mental states to ourselves ...

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