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  • Wykes T; Haro JM; Belli SR; Obradors-Tarrago C; Arango C; Ayuso-Mateos JL; Bitter, István; Brunn M; Chevreul K; Demotes-Mainard J; Elfeddali I; Evans-Lacko S; Fiorillo A; Forsman AK; Hazo JB; Kuepper R; Knappe S; Leboyer M; Lewis SW; Linszen D; Luciano M; Maj M; McDaid D; Miret M; Papp S; Park AL; Schumann G; Thornicroft G; van der Feltz-Cornelis C; van Os J; Wahlbeck K; Walker-Tilley T; Wittchen HU; ROAMER consortium (2015)
    Mental and brain disorders represent the greatest health burden to Europe-not only for directly affected individuals, but also for their caregivers and the wider society. They incur substantial economic costs through direct ...
  • Haro JM; Ayuso-Mateos JL; Bitter, István; Demotes-Mainard J; Leboyer M; Lewis SW; Linszen D; Maj M; McDaid D; Meyer-Lindenberg A; Robbins TW; Schumann G; Thornicroft G; Van Der Feltz-Cornelis C; Van Os J; Wahlbeck K; Wittchen HU; Wykes T; Arango C; Bickenbach J; Brunn M; Cammarata P; Chevreul K; Evans-Lacko S; Finocchiaro C; Fiorillo A; Forsman AK; Hazo JB; Knappe S; Kuepper R; Luciano M; Miret M; Obradors-Tarrago C; Pagano G; Papp, Szilvia; Walker-Tilley T (2014)
    Despite the high impact of mental disorders in society, European mental health research is at a critical situation with a relatively low level of funding, and few advances been achieved during the last decade. The development ...
  • Schumann G; Binder EB; Holte A; de Kloet ER; Oedegaard KJ; Robbins TW; Walker-Tilley TR; Bitter, István; Brown VJ; Buitelaar J; Ciccocioppo R; Cools R; Escera C; Fleischhacker W; Flor H; Frith CD; Heinz A; Johnsen E; Kirschbaum C; Klingberg T; Lesch KP; Lewis S; Maier W; Mann K; Martinot JL; Meyer-Lindenberg A; Muller CP; Muller WE; Nutt DJ; Persico A; Perugi G; Pessiglione M; Preuss UW; Roiser JP; Rossini PM; Rybakowski JK; Sandi C; Stephan KE; Undurraga J; Vieta E; van der Wee N; Wykes T; Haro JM; Wittchen HU (2014)
    There is recognition that biomedical research into the causes of mental disorders and their treatment needs to adopt new approaches to research. Novel biomedical techniques have advanced our understanding of how the brain ...

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