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  • Szabó, Vanessza; Bugyik, Edina; Dezső, Katalin; Ecker N; Nagy, Péter; Tímár, József; Tóvári, József; Laszlo, Viktoria; Bridgeman VL; Wan E; Frentzas S; Vermeulen PB; Reynolds AR; Döme, Balázs; Paku, Sándor (2015)
    The appearance of lung metastases is associated with poor outcome and the management of patients with secondary pulmonary tumours remains a clinical challenge. We examined the vascularisation process of lung metastasis in ...
  • Bugyik, Edina; Rényi-Vámos, Ferenc István; Szabó, Vanessza; Dezső, Katalin; Ecker N; Rókusz, András; Nagy, Péter; Döme, Balázs; Paku, Sándor (2016)
    Directed capillary ingrowth has long been considered synonymous with tumor vascularization. However, the vasculature of primary tumors and metastases is not necessarily formed by endothelial cell sprouting; instead, malignant ...

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