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  • Enders FB; Bader-Meunier B; Baildam E; Constantin, Tamás; Dolezalova P; Feldman BM; Lahdenne P; Magnusson B; Nistala K; Ozen S; Pilkington C; Ravelli A; Russo R; Uziel Y; van Brussel M; van der Net J; Vastert S; Wedderburn LR; Wulffraat N; McCann LJ; van Royen-Kerkhof A (2017)
    BACKGROUND: In 2012, a European initiative called Single Hub and Access point for pediatric Rheumatology in Europe (SHARE) was launched to optimise and disseminate diagnostic and management regimens in Europe for children ...
  • McCann LJ; Pilkington CA; Huber AM; Ravelli A; Appelbe D; Kirkham JJ; Williamson PR; Aggarwal A; Christopher-Stine L; Constantin, Tamás; Feldman BM; Lundberg I; Maillard S; Mathiesen P; Murphy R; Pachman LM; Reed AM; Rider LG; van Royen-Kerkof A; Russo R; Spinty S; Wedderburn LR; Beresford MW (2018)
    Objectives This study aimed to develop consensus on an internationally agreed dataset for juvenile dermatomyositis (JDM), designed for clinical use, to enhance collaborative research and allow integration of data between ...

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