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  • Zilhão NR; Padmanabhuni SS; Pagliaroli, Luca; Barta, Csaba; BIOS Consortium; Smit DJA; Cath D; Nivard MG; Baselmans BML; Van Dongen J; Paschou P; Boomsma DI (2015)
    Tic disorders are moderately heritable common psychiatric disorders that can be highly troubling, both in childhood and in adulthood. In this study, we report results obtained in the first epigenome-wide association study ...
  • Forde NJ; Kanaan AS; Widomska J; Padmanabhuni SS; Nespoli E; Alexander J; Rodriguez Arranz JI; Fan S; Houssari R; Nawaz MS; Rizzo F; Pagliaroli, Luca; Zilhäo NR; Arányi, Tamás; Barta, Csaba; Boeckers TM; Boomsma DI; Buisman WR; Buitelaar JK; Cath D; Dietrich A; Driessen N; Drineas P; Dunlap M; Gerasch S; Glennon J; Hengerer B; Van den Heuvel OA; Jespersgaard C; Möller HE; Müller-Vahl KR; Openneer TJC; Poelmans G; Pouwels PJW; Scharf JM; Stefansson H; Tümer Z; Veltman DJ; Van der Werf YD; Hoekstra PJ; Ludolph A; Paschou P (2016)
    Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome (GTS) is characterized by the presence of multiple motor and phonic tics with a fluctuating course of intensity, frequency, and severity. Up to 90% of patients with GTS present with comorbid ...

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