Show simple item record Kovács, L. Gábor Nyolczas, Noémi Habon, Tamás Sepp, Róbert Piróth, Zsolt Hajas, Ágota Boncz, Imre Tomcsanyi J Kappelmayer, János Merkely, Béla Péter 2018-09-19T13:04:20Z 2018-09-19T13:04:20Z 2015
dc.identifier 84945937054
dc.identifier.citation pagination=1235-1245; journalVolume=156; journalIssueNumber=31; journalTitle=ORVOSI HETILAP;
dc.identifier.uri doi:10.1556/650.2015.30219
dc.description.abstract Cardiac natriuretic peptides (BNP, NT-proBNP) play a pivotal role in cardiovascular homeostasis, mainly due to their roles in vasodilatation, natriuresis, diuresis and due to their antiproliferative properties. Proper measurement of the natriuretic peptide levels may help differentiate between respiratory and cardiac forms of dyspnea, diagnose early forms of heart failure, evaluate severity of heart failure (prognosis) and monitor the efficacy of therapy. In many countries natriuretic peptide levels are being used as one of the earliest diagnostics tools to evaluate the involvement of the heart. Current theoretical and clinical data confirm the importance of natriuretic peptides in routine healthcare. These roles are clearly described in international recommendations and guidelines. In the current review the authors discuss the problems of the measurement of natriuretic peptides in Hungary, including several aspects related to laboratory medicine, cardiology and health economy. Orv. Hetil., 2015, 156(31), 1235-1245.
dc.relation.ispartof urn:issn:0030-6002
dc.title Natriureticus peptidek mérése szívelégtelen betegekben: a helyes laboratóriumi és klinikai gyakorlat [Measurement of natriuretic peptides in heart failure: the good laboratory and clinical practice]
dc.type Journal Article 2018-07-13T11:11:47Z
dc.language.rfc3066 hu
dc.identifier.mtmt 2924446
dc.identifier.wos 000358529900001
dc.identifier.pubmed 26211747
dc.contributor.department PTE/Szentágothai János Kutatóközpont
dc.contributor.department SE/AOK/K/Városmajori Szív- és Érgyógyászati Klinika
dc.contributor.department PTE/ETK/Egészségbiztosítási Intézet
dc.contributor.department SE/AOK/K/VAROSMAJOR_SZÍVÉRGYÓGY/Kardiológia Központ - Kardiológiai Tanszék [2017.10.31]
dc.contributor.institution Pécsi Tudományegyetem
dc.contributor.institution Semmelweis Egyetem
dc.contributor.institution Semmelweis Egyetem
dc.mtmt.swordnote Utánközlés: Kovács LG; Nyolczas N; Habon T; Sepp R; Piroth Zs; Hajas Á; Boncz I; Tomcsányi J; Kappelmayer J; Merkely B Nátriuretikus peptidek mérése szívelégtelen betegekben: a helyes laboratóriumi és klinikai gyakorlat CARDIOLOGIA HUNGARICA (ISSN: 0133-5596) 45: (5) pp. 356-367. (2015) MTMT azonosító: 2991493

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