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dc.identifier 84875474732
dc.identifier.citation pagination=76-79; journalVolume=25; journalIssueNumber=1; journalTitle=PSYCHIATRIA DANUBINA;
dc.description.abstract BACKGROUND: Electroconvulsive therapy is frequently considered when pharmacotherapy is ineffective. In such cases the combination of the two treatment modalities are commonly used. Amisulpiride, a second generation antipsychotic drug is used in the treatment of schizophrenia and psychotic depression. When amisulpiride is ineffective as a monotherapy, combination with ECT could be an option to enhance its efficacy. To the best of our knowledge, to date there have been no data about the safety of this combination. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: Medical notes of all patients who were given ECT while on amisulpiride were selected from the archives of the Department of Psychiatry, Semmelweis University Medical School, Budapest, covering a 10-year period. A randomly selected matched control group was formed from patients who underwent ECT but were not taking amisulpiride. Patients in both groups also received a variety of psychotropic drugs other than amisulpide. Side effects were compared between the two groups of patients. RESULTS: Twenty patients received amisulpride with ECT. The most common side effects were headache, hypertension, tachycardia, nausea, dizziness, confusion, psychomotor agitation, sialorrhea, and prolonged seizure activity. All adverse effects resolved within 24 hours. No side effects of any kind were observed in 7 and 8 cases in the study and control groups, respectively. CONCLUSIONS: This was the first study that examined the safety of amisulpride-ECT combination in schizophrenia. Comparing the side-effects between the study and control groups, no significant differences were detected in terms of their types or frequency. The amisulpiride-ECT combination appears to be a safe treatment option.
dc.relation.ispartof urn:issn:0353-5053
dc.title Safety of the electroconvulsive therapy and amisulpride combination
dc.type Journal Article 2014-12-10T07:29:02Z
dc.language.rfc3066 en
dc.identifier.mtmt 2388733
dc.identifier.pubmed 23470610
dc.contributor.department SE/ÁOK/K/Aneszteziológiai és Intenzív Terápiás Klinika
dc.contributor.department SE/ÁOK/K/Pszichiátriai és Pszichoterápiás Klinika
dc.contributor.institution Semmelweis Egyetem

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