Show simple item record Czipa, Erik Schiller, Mátyás Nagy, Tibor Kontra, Levente Steiner, László Koller, Júlia Pálné-Szén, Orsolya Barta, Endre 2021-06-24T10:27:29Z 2021-06-24T10:27:29Z 2020
dc.identifier 85077942032
dc.identifier.citation journalVolume=2020;journalTitle=DATABASE-JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL DATABASES AND CURATION;pagination=baz141;journalAbbreviatedTitle=DATABASE-OXFORD;
dc.identifier.uri doi:10.1093/database/baz141
dc.description.abstract ChIP-seq reveals genomic regions where proteins, e.g. transcription factors (TFs) interact with DNA. A substantial fraction of these regions, however, do not contain the cognate binding site for the TF of interest. This phenomenon might be explained by protein-protein interactions and co-precipitation of interacting gene regulatory elements. We uniformly processed 3727 human ChIP-seq data sets and determined the cistrome of 292 TFs, as well as the distances between the TF binding motif centers and the ChIP-seq peak summits. ChIPSummitDB enables the analysis of ChIP-seq data using multiple approaches. The 292 cistromes and corresponding ChIP-seq peak sets can be browsed in GenomeView. Overlapping SNPs can be inspected in dbSNPView. Most importantly, the MotifView and PairShiftView pages show the average distance between motif centers and overlapping ChIP-seq peak summits and distance distributions thereof, respectively. In addition to providing a comprehensive human TF binding site collection, the ChIPSummitDB database and web interface allows for the examination of the topological arrangement of TF complexes genome-wide. ChIPSummitDB is freely accessible at The database will be regularly updated and extended with the newly available human and mouse ChIP-seq data sets.
dc.title ChIPSummitDB:a ChIP-seq-based database of human transcription factor binding sites and the topological arrangements of the proteins bound to them.
dc.type Journal Article 2020-06-17T09:07:45Z
dc.language.rfc3066 en
dc.rights.holder NULL
dc.identifier.mtmt 31154171
dc.identifier.pubmed 31942977
dc.contributor.institution Biokémiai és Molekuláris Biológiai Intézet
dc.contributor.institution MTA-DE Őssejt, Apoptózis és Genomika Kutatócsoport
dc.contributor.institution Molekuláris Sejt- és Immunbiológia Doktori Iskola
dc.contributor.institution Biokémiai Intézet
dc.contributor.institution Genomikai Medicina és Ritka Betegségek Intézete
dc.contributor.institution MTA-DE Lendület Immungenomikai Kutatócsoport

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