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  • Abbosh C,; Birkbak NJ,; Wilson GA,; Jamal-Hanjani M,; Constantin T,; [...]; Szállási Zoltán; (2017)
    The early detection of relapse following primary surgery for non-small-cell lung cancer and the characterization of emerging subclones, which seed metastatic sites, might offer new therapeutic approaches for limiting ...
  • Jamal-Hanjani M,; Wilson GA,; McGranahan N,; Birkbak NJ,; Watkins TBK,; [...]; Szállási Zoltán; (2017)
    Background Among patients with non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), data on intratumor heterogeneity and cancer genome evolution have been limited to small retrospective cohorts. We wanted to prospectively investigate ...

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