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  • Jacob K; Albrecht S; Sollier C; Faury D; Sader E; Montpetit A; Serre D; Hauser, Péter; Garami, Miklós; Bognár, László; Hanzély Z; Montes JL; Atkinson J; Farmer JP; Bouffet E; Hawkins C; Tabori U; Jabado N (2009)
    BACKGROUND: Juvenile pilocytic astrocytomas (JPA), a subgroup of low-grade astrocytomas (LGA), are common, heterogeneous and poorly understood subset of brain tumours in children. Chromosomal 7q34 duplication leading to ...
  • Fontebasso AM; Shirinian M; Khuong-Quang DA; Bechet D; Gayden T; Kool M; De Jay N; Jacob K; Gerges N; Hutter B; Seker-Cin H; Witt H; Montpetit A; Brunet S; Lepage P; Bourret G; Klekner, Álmos; Bognar L; Hauser, Péter; Garami, Miklós; Farmer JP; Montes JL; Atkinson J; Lambert S; Kwan T; Korshunov A; Tabori U; Collins VP; Albrecht S; Faury D; Pfister SM; Paulus W; Hasselblatt M; Jones DT; Jabado N (2015)
    Pilocytic astrocytoma (PA) is the most common brain tumor in children but is rare in adults, and hence poorly studied in this age group. We investigated 222 PA and report increased aneuploidy in older patients. Aneuploid ...

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