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  • Okosun J; Bödör, Csaba; Wang J; Araf S; Yang C-Y; Pan C; Boller S; Cittaro D; Bozek M; Iqbal S; Matthews J; Wrench D; Marzec J; Tawana K; Popov N; O'Riain C; O'Shea D; Carlotti E; Davies A; Lawrie CH; Matolcsy, András; Calaminici M; Norton A; Byers RJ; Mein C; Stupka E; Lister TA; Lenz G; Montoto S; Gribben JG; Fan Y; Grosschedl R; Chelala C; Fitzgibbon J (2014)
    Follicular lymphoma is an incurable malignancy, with transformation to an aggressive subtype representing a critical event during disease progression. Here we performed whole-genome or whole-exome sequencing on 10 follicular ...

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