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  • Satgé D; Stiller CA; Rutkowski S; von Bueren AO; Lacour B; Sommelet D; Nishi M; Massimino M; Garré ML; Moreno F; Hasle H; Jakab, Zsuzsanna; Greenberg M; von der Weid N; Kuehni C; Zurriaga O; Vicente M-L; Peris-Bonet R; Benesch M; Vekemans M; Sullivan SG; Rickert C (2013)
    Persons with Down syndrome (DS) uniquely have an increased frequency of leukemias but a decreased total frequency of solid tumors. The distribution and frequency of specific types of brain tumors have never been studied ...
  • Gatta G; Botta L; Rossi S; Aareleid T; Bielska-Lasota M; Clavel J; Dimitrova N; Jakab, Zsuzsanna; Kaatsch P; Lacour B; Mallone S; Marcos-Gragera R; Minicozzi P; Sanchez-Perez MJ; Sant M; Santaquilani M; Stiller C; Tavilla A; Trama A; Visser O; Peris-Bonet R; EUROCARE Working Group (2014)
    BACKGROUND: Survival and cure rates for childhood cancers in Europe have greatly improved over the past 40 years and are mostly good, although not in all European countries. The EUROCARE-5 survival study estimates survival ...

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