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  • Jakus, Zoltán; Gleghorn JP; Enis DR; Sen A; Chia S; Liu X; Rawnsley DR; Yang Y; Hess PR; Zou Z; Yang J; Guttentag SH; Nelson CM; Kahn ML (2014)
    Mammals must inflate their lungs and breathe within minutes of birth to survive. A key regulator of neonatal lung inflation is pulmonary surfactant, a lipoprotein complex which increases lung compliance by reducing alveolar ...
  • Hess PR; Rawnsley DR; Jakus Zoltán; Yang Y; Sweet DT; Fu J; Herzog B; Lu M; Nieswandt B; Oliver G; Makinen J; Xia L; Kahn ML (2014)
    Mammals transport blood through a high-pressure, closed vascular network and lymph through a low-pressure, open vascular network. These vascular networks connect at the lymphovenous (LV) junction, where lymph drains into ...

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