Show simple item record Várnai Péter Gulyás Gergő Tóth Dániel Sohn M Sengupta N Balla T 2018-07-10T10:01:21Z 2018-07-10T10:01:21Z 2017
dc.identifier 85009480689
dc.identifier.citation pagination=72-82; journalVolume=64; journalTitle=CELL CALCIUM;
dc.identifier.uri doi:10.1016/j.ceca.2016.12.008
dc.description.abstract One of the largest challenges in cell biology is to map the lipid composition of the membranes of various organelles and define the exact location of processes that control the synthesis and distribution of lipids between cellular compartments. The critical role of phosphoinositides, low-abundant lipids with rapid metabolism and exceptional regulatory importance in the control of almost all aspects of cellular functions created the need for tools to visualize their localizations and dynamics at the single cell level. However, there is also an increasing need for methods to determine the cellular distribution of other lipids regulatory or structural, such as diacylglycerol, phosphatidic acid, or other phospholipids and cholesterol. This review will summarize recent advances in this research field focusing on the means by which changes can be described in more quantitative terms. © 2016.
dc.relation.ispartof urn:issn:0143-4160
dc.title Quantifying lipid changes in various membrane compartments using lipid binding protein domains
dc.type Journal Article 2018-02-19T15:55:59Z
dc.language.rfc3066 en
dc.identifier.mtmt 3233881
dc.identifier.wos 000403513200010
dc.identifier.pubmed 28088320

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